He Mistakenly Built a $5 Billion Tech Empire

Here is how Brian Lee turned the O.J. Simpson Trial into a $5 Billion Tech Empire

Toba Akande
2 min readOct 2, 2023
Brain Lee, Founder & CEO, Arena Club (Source: Monitordaily)

Recently, I read about Brian Lee, a man who turned an unexpected twist of fate into a $5 billion tech empire. You might not know his name, but you’ll be amazed by his journey.

Law School to Startup Dreams

Brian Lee started as a law school graduate, like many others. But he felt a burning desire to do something different. Instead of becoming a lawyer, he wanted to dive into the world of startups and technology.

The Bold Move

One day, Brian took a huge leap. He decided to call Robert Shapiro, the famous lawyer from O.J. Simpson’s trial.

Brian pitched an idea to make legal tools available to everyone through an online platform.

Surprisingly, Shapiro not only listened but became the first investor. This marked the beginning of LegalZoom, which is now worth a whopping $5 billion.

From LegalZoom to Shoedazzle

Brian’s journey took an even more unexpected turn. Through Shapiro, he met Robert Kardashian, another O.J. Simpson trial lawyer.

This connection led to the creation of shoedazzle.com, a company that delivered fashionable shoes to subscribers monthly.

It became a sensation, attracting 10 million members and getting acquired for millions in 2013.

The Honest Company and More

Brian’s adventure continued as he teamed up with Jessica Alba to create The Honest Company. They focused on making safe and eco-friendly baby and beauty products.

In 2021, the company went public, solidifying Brian’s status as an entrepreneurial genius.

Art of Sport and Beyond

Brian didn’t stop there. He joined forces with Kobe Bryant in 2018 to launch Art of Sport, a body wash brand for athletes.

In just four years, it was acquired, adding another success to Brian’s long list.

The Arena Club: A Sporting Triumph

Brian’s latest venture, Arena Club, is all about sports cards. Teaming up with Derek Jeter, they’ve raised a staggering $9 million in funding for this exciting project.

Well, Brian Lee’s story teaches us that seizing unexpected opportunities, taking bold risks, and building valuable connections can lead to remarkable success.

From the world of law to tech and entrepreneurship, Brian Lee’s journey is proof that incredible stories can come from the most unexpected places.

The next time you hear his name, remember the man who turned the O.J. Simpson trial into a $5 billion tech empire, one daring idea at a time.

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